Business Plans

A comprehensive, well-written, and fully-costed business plan will be extremely beneficial to any new or existing business, and can be the determining factor between success and failure. Business plans can be crucial when deciding what direction a company should take and can assist in setting and meeting future goals. 

Business plans come in all shapes and sizes and they are used in many different scenarios; such as, business acquisitions, business sales, mergers, expansions and in securing finance.

No matter why you need a business plan, the team at Sherlock & Co can help. We have supported many businesses in creating their business plans which has helped them secure their business goals. 

How can Sherlock & Co help with business plans?

Our experienced and approachable team will ensure no stone is left unturned. We will consult with you so that we can learn what your long-term goals are and once we fully understand you and your business, we will help create a comprehensive business plan, mapping a clear route to success. 

Knowing that each business is unique, our personalised service will be tailored to fit you, your business and your budget. Service and support areas include:

  • Start-up business plans;
  • Business plans for small and medium-sized businesses looking to grow;
  • Securing new finance;
  • Managing existing finance;
  • Business mergers and acquisitions;
  • Business sales; and
  • Management account support:
    • Preparing management accounts;
    • Implementation of real-time bookkeeping systems;
    • Cash flow forecasts; and 
    • Managing liquidity issues.

More on Management Accounts

Management accounts are a summary of recent or real-time financial information which, if prepared correctly, will assist you monitor and control your business; essential ingredients for success.

Through our flexible and dynamic service, the team at Sherlock & Co will ensure that your management reports are accurate, timely and contain all the essential information which you need. 

In addition to supporting you in monitoring your business, management accounts can have direct financial benefits too. Clients that prepare management accounts are more likely to identify un-claimed VAT and supplier over-payments; in addition, they are also able to take advantage of any pre-yearend tax planning opportunities.

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