Tomlinson & Co

Joining Forces: Sherlock & Co and Tomlinson & Co Begin Working Together

From Monday 1 August 2022, Sherlock & Co incorporated into its practice, Tomlinson & Co. These two, local accountancy practices began working together from Sherlock & Co’s office in Ashton Under Lyne. Tomlinson & Co look after approximately 200 clients and, after discussions were held, both parties realised how similar each other’s clients were and, therefore, it was agreed that everyone would stand to benefit if the two practices began working together. 

Tomlinson & Co consists of Andrew and his son Kieran and by joining forces with Sherlock & Co, the clients of Tomlinson & Co will have access to more professionals, more resources and, therefore, greater experience. Equally, Sherlock & Co are pleased to have welcomed Andrew and Kieran into the team and, once fully integrated, the existing clients of Sherlock & Co will benefit from the experience and knowledge that Andrew and Kieran bring.

Andrew Tomlinson has worked in accountancy since 1986 starting off as a trainee accounts clerk in a pre-computer workplace. After encouraging his employer to go computerised, he has continued to develop his IT knowledge and skills over the years with a particular emphasis on getting value for money from available software solutions. In 2005, Andrew was presented with the opportunity to go it alone and he took the giant leap to start his own accountancy practice and so, Tomlinson & Co was born. Tomlinson & Co moved into their Wood Street office, back in 2007, keeping the close connection to Ashton Under Lyne having built an affinity to the needs of local businesses.  Andrew has always strived to provide an efficient, friendly, and professional service and hopes to continue and develop this further, with Sherlock & Co.

Andrew is a keen amateur musician, playing guitar in a local covers band mainly for charity events. His other interests include walking, watching football and following formula one; he is also a member of Mensa and enjoys solving puzzles.

Sherlock & Co would like to welcome Andrew and Kieran to the team, and we look forward to working with them and developing our practice over the coming years. In addition, we look forward to meeting and working with the clients of Tomlinson & Co and helping them in any way that we can. We are confident that Tomlinson & Co will benefit from the experience and expertise of Sherlock & Co and also draw upon the resources of the larger Moore network which Sherlock is part of.